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Diploma in Interior Design 

Course Objective: The Diploma in Interior Design (DID) balances both technical and design competencies as the course focuses on both physical and digital spatial experimentation, curating experiences, and journeys for users through space, form, materials, colour and light. 

In our studio culture, you will be trained in different design methods to realise dynamic and meaningful designs. From research techniques in Design Thinking and User Experience (UX). To ideation and making using both traditional prototyping and digital fabrication processes, as well as harness the power of technology through Building Information Modelling (BIM) and parametric design. To material and finishes selection and lighting design to create attractive ambiences and moods for your spaces. 

As you partner contractors/builders to realise your design, learn industry standards and conventions for design and technical drawings, as well as communication skills to visually and verbally communicate your exciting designs. 

Through a hands-on studio approach, exploratory projects, supported with out-of-classroom learning and exposure to industry projects, our course prepares students to be ready for the design industry, equipping graduates with relevant design knowledge and future forward skills. 

Updated Contact Information: School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Tel: (65) 6775 1133 


23 Sep 2023

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